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About Clear Cut Glass

The first contract that Clearcut Glass did was for Longtell Developers - the people who built Pietermaritzburg’s Northdale suburb. Forty Five years later and this family glazing business is not only still doing well, but it has moved into aluminium, window tinting, deco glass, shower and patio doors, trophies, sandblasting and office portioning.

Founded by brothers, Deva and Daya Moodley, and now run by Sudeshan Moodley, Clearcut Glass maintains the belief that “today is the future of the business”.  Our motto, ‘Every crack is a break for us’, describes our present and future - we are innovative. To uphold our name, we ensure all operations executed with a lot of care and dedication.

In addition, we thank our customers for their support over the past 45 years and invite them to visit us, at any time, to be introduced to and take advantage of the best prices and excellent service, we still have to offer.      

Every crack is a break for us!